3 Reasons Why Blogging is a Business Game-Changer

September 17, 2018

Consistent blogging for your business can quickly move to the bottom of the to-do list when you’re busy doing ALL THE THINGS. Trust me, I get it.

However, your blog is the foundation for your business, especially when your business is primarily (or entirely) online. Your blog becomes your “headquarters”: a place where you can share, connect, launch, pivot and grow.

So why start blogging?

Here are 3 reasons why blogging is a business game-changer and is 100% worth your time.


Not only will consistent blog content help direct traffic to your site, but it allows you to have a consistent way of growing the impact of your online presence and driving potential customers to your website.

Let me give you a real life example that completely changed how I view blogging in my business: 

I filmed this engagement session a few months back.¬† I was busy as heck at the time and had one million things on my to-do list. When the sneak peak was all done, I decided to just post it to my Facebook page because {I told myself} I didn’t have time to blog about it.¬† However, a few seconds later I deleted it from my page and put together¬†a simple post to then share that link on my page.

The post was shared a few times and that blog post got 483 unique views that I would never have received if I had just posted the vimeo link instead.¬† Now, this isn’t to say that I got a ton of new leads from this, however, SEO is such an important part of your ability to show up in searches online – so those 483 unique views tells Google and any other search engine that I have some compelling content which¬†will help when people search for businesses like mine.


My strategy is to blog everything I do.

First, I want to show my clients how much I valued our time together. Even further, I want to show potential clients my work in real time and have a homepage where potential clients can look through all my work.  Yes, posting photos on social media does that, I get it.

However, in this time when social media seems to be the end all, be all – a current website is still crucial to attracting customers who don’t already know who you are.

For example, I just had a family reach out to me that was visiting the Black Hills for vacation and wanted to get some family photos while they were here.¬† They didn’t find me on Instagram, or Facebook, in fact, they told me they compared me to about 8 other photographers that came up in their google search and what set me apart was all of the family photos I had featured on my blog already.


You never know when something you share will have a meaningful impact on someone else. Owning our stories and sharing them can help empower others who may have experienced (or may still be experiencing) something you’ve gone through either in your business or on a personal level.

For example, when I wrote about adult friendships or that time I moved away from my first group of adult friends, I had a number of people reach out saying that they could relate.¬† And that’s really what business is about, connection.

Blogging is an investment of time, but it’s not the end game. Ultimately, your blog will help you to serve your community, build your business, and grow as an individual.


Here’s the best thing about blogging: you can recycle the content from a blog post EVERYWHERE! Seriously, it’s unreal everything that you can do with a single blog post.¬† I’ve put together a checklist to make sure you aren’t missing out on any of those places!

Be sure to grab it, and let me know how your blogging journey goes! Or drop your latest blog post here and I’ll take a look!

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4 free and easy ways to recycle your blog content to accelerate your business right now || Stand to Serve Podcast

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