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I want to hear those stories because those are the stories that inspire me most - hearing about the people standing up to serve their market, their customer, their community.

I want to hear about what they've learned and why they do what they do and what drives them to keep doing on the hard days. 

All small business owners have a story like this, their first metaphorical lemonade stand. I want to hear those raw beginnings. I want to hear about their early successes and failures. 

I remember spending my summers wheeling down a batch of homemade, fresh squeezed, lemonade to the busy corner of my neighborhood and counting every quarter I made at the end of the day. I remember cleaning out a trashcan and popping out of it to convince my neighbors to pay me to take their trash down on pickup day for only $5 a month. I remember buying and reading my first entrepreneurial bible "Better than a Lemonade Stand." I love looking back on these stories and realizing that I'm not new to this entrepreneurial journey, even though I've only had my side gig for a couple years.  

podcast host

Meet Emily

I live in the most magical place: the Black Hills of South Dakota. I find inspiration everywhere I turn, from the beautiful views, to the amazingly talented and genuine people I meet. When I'm not working my day job, or working my side job, or podcasting, I'm soaking it all in with my husband and my two pups.

Leather jackets are my staple, a good leather boot (both lace up and zipped) are my go too, throw in a leather camera strap and I'm a happy camper.

Leather Anything

Preferably in a giant mason jar with a metal straw on a warm summer afternoon!

Iced Green Tea

Whether it's with a pointed pen, felt pen or on my iPad, I love lettering inspirational quotes or drawing maps or the list goes on and on.


DIY: learning woodworking or welding or how to use a dang cricut, I like learning how to do something on my own.

Learning a New Craft