Building an Email List — Here are 3 Reasons to Get Started

October 15, 2018

Cursing “the algorithm” is apart of everyday vernacular for most business owners (myself included).  It’s frustrating to spend so much time creating valuable content for your audience, across all social media platforms, just so less than 10% of your community is even reached.  The obvious way to beat the algorithm is to not have to deal with it at all.

This means creating a space where you aren’t competing with everyone else for clicks, likes or comments. Instead, you’re delivering your content directly to your community in the form of an email.

If you’re here, I’m sure you already know this.

However, if you need a little extra push to get your email list started, here are some added incentives:

Incentive #1

To get people to click on to your landing page, put in their email, confirm they are in fact, not a robot, is kind of a lot.  The people who take those steps: those people are your true fans, your real community.  And those are the people that deserve the time you put into creating content because all you really need are 1000 true fans. This concept revolves around the idea that it’s easier to pour into the dedicated community you already have, instead of trying to find and invest in new fans.  Think of your social media platforms as your reach, the people you have the ability to convert, and think about your email list as your true audience.

Incentive #2

Maybe you don’t really know where your entrepreneurial journey will take you, like most of us.  If that’s the case, an email list is even more important in your business.  Start serving this small community that supports you in the right now, be honest with them, update them, send them freebies or things you’re working on.  Then, when the time comes that you know what’s next, you already have a community that wants to support you, that’s grateful for all the free content and are perhaps are ready to spend money to support your next endeavor.

Incentive #3

Social media platforms have come and gone, anyone remember myspace? (or that one hit wonder that was suppose to replace IG?), but email, oh that’s been around the block.  Anyone still have a hotmail account?! Email lists aren’t as glamorous as having thousands of followers on IG, but it is the only tried and true way to talk directly to your community.

There are hundreds of reasons to start an email list, and it’s hard to prioritize it with all the other things on that to-do list.  The best way to start building it is to show people the value. And often the value comes from some sort of freebie.  I’ve been creating lots of them for Stand to Serve, and here’s another freebie that will show you the five steps to creating your first freebie. Once you get through that, I have another guide on how to get that freebie out there.

I would love to see what you create for your first one, send me a note or message on IG or FB!

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Once you’ve taken the five steps to build your first freebie, you’ll need to get to get it in the hands of your audience. So we’ve created a guide that walks you through the three steps to deliver your freebie to your tribe and start growing your email list! Grab the guide here👇

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