#1 Jackie Derksen: How to Retire at 40 with Side Gigs

June 4, 2018

Jackie Derksen and her husband plan on retiring at the age of 40 from side gigs like White Wooden Wedding Chairs and Bear Property Management, they are the epitome of what it means to be serial entrepreneurs.  Jackie has such a clear and focused vision which drives every decision her and her husband make in their business.  We had such an amazing discussion, you don’t want to miss out!

A few key takeaways:

  1. If you’re a dreamer and not a doer, find a partner in life or in business that can walk with you in your business.
  2. When you’re looking at renting versus buying, whether it’s chairs or houses, evaluate the long-term opportunity as well as the upfront costs.
  3. If you are your ideal customer, market to yourself.  If price is the most important to you, make sure it’s at the forefront of your marketing plan, if it’s quality make sure you emphasize that.
  4. Set expectations early on with your customers so they don’t feel like they have to keep tabs on you.  Tell them when they will hear from you next or what you need from them.
  5. Know the why behind what you are doing.  If you are working several jobs and side jobs so that you can retire early, keep your why in your vision at all times so you don’t burn out.
  6. Be intentional in everything you do.

For more on Jackie and her many business ventures:

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