#11 Kayleigh Dixon: How to Serve with a Full Heart

August 13, 2018

Kayleigh Dixon began her career in the coffee industry as a barista at a local coffee shop in Rapid City while attending college at Black Hills State in South Dakota. She has a passion for espresso and healthy alternatives, and an even bigger passion for serving the people of her community.

Kayleigh met her husband through one of her coffee shop regulars (who just happened to be his dad), and in September of 2014, Kayleigh and Christopher decided to open up their own drive-thru coffee company, DixonAt the beginning of 2018, they were approached by another couple who asked them to partner with them to open Revel Coffee House, their first brick and mortar business.

Kayleigh’s love for serving others started at a young age, and looking back on her life she can see this is the path that was intended for her.

I can’t wait for you to hear this conversation! Listen to the full episode below!


In this episode, you’ll hear things like:

  • How to provide a quality product and still maintain a unique, fun work culture
  • Lessons Kayleigh’s had to learn the hard way, and lessons she’s still in the process of learning now
  • Kayleigh’s favorite coffee beverage (and how to make it!)
  • What goes into creating some of the natural products used daily in their coffee shops
  • How to overcome what society says you “should” do, and live your fullest life


Favorite Quotes from Kayleigh:

  • “It gives you goosebumps looking back and thinking how everything evolved and how it fell into place. A lot of it’s luck, and perseverance and support and having that network around you.”
  • “Your business is who you are, and I think that it has to reflect that adequately.”
  • “Don’t should on yourself.”
  • “All I want for you is to know that whatever you do, just make sure you do it with a full heart.”


A few questions I ask Kayleigh: 

  1. What has been your biggest challenge moving from Dixon to Revel?
  2. How do you serve your customers in a unique way?
  3. What’s saving your life right now?



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