#13 Lane Shull: How to Find Joy Every Day

September 10, 2018

Lane Shull is the mother of four, owner of Willow General Store, creator of Vision Piedmont, and a true visionary for her town of Piedmont, South Dakota. Lane’s vision for Willow General Store was born from a block of old, dusty buildings, and from that, she has thoughtfully planned and beautifully curated a place of connection and community.

Lane’s mantra of “simplicity” has guided the direction of her career, the way in which she curates her store, how she connects with her historic community, and how she lives her daily life. She’s intentional about finding joy in her path and having peace with watching it unfold. “The day itself can be hurtful and defeating, but overall it better be filling your bucket and feeding your soul.” 

This conversation with Lane will help you breathe easier as her outlook on life reminds us all to get back to our roots and think about what’s really important. I can’t wait for you hear from Lane; listen to the episode below!


In this episode, you’ll hear things like:

  • How to use your vision to create something that will bring your community together
  • How to find joy in every day: “The day itself can be hurtful and defeating, but overall it better be filling your bucket and feeding your soul.”
  • The simplest way to change your life for the better
  • Letting your path guide you even when you may not understand the “why”
  • How to be intentional with the future of your community


Favorite Quotes from Lane:

  • “I always had a sense of, ‘What kind of a store would I have that people would walk into and it would take their breath away?'”
  • “I knew what could be in those buildings, even through their dust.”
  • “It’s just my path, and being okay not to understand it exactly but being willing to do that work.”
  • “If it isn’t fueling you, then you know that something isn’t right.”
  • “That’ll be a good day when you can say it’s rich and delicious.”


A few questions I ask Lane: 

  1. What do you love most about Willow and Vision Piedmont?
  2. When is a time you were able to make lemonade when life gave you lemons?
  3. What’s saving your life right now?


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