#17 Cadey Reisner: How to Live Life on Your Own Terms

November 5, 2018

Cadey vowed not to become a wedding photographer after inheriting the title of “designated reflector holder” for her mom, who photographed countless weddings throughout Cadey’s childhood. Cadey associated wedding photography to her mom being gone and wanted no part of it.

Life had other plans for Cadey.

During college, Cadey decided to start shooting weddings to help pay off student debt. One wedding turned into ten, and ten weddings turned into twenty. Before long, she had a book of business and it all clicked. “It chose me. I didn’t choose it.”

In this episode, Cadey shares how she created an in-demand wedding photography business and continues to set herself apart from the vastly competitive market. She approaches wedding photography as a business, but also comes at it from a bride’s perspective and strives to make a stress-free experience for all of her brides and grooms. My conversation with Cadey is full of laughter, so many golden nuggets of wisdom, and *spoiler* some light rapping. That’s right, Cadey raps for us! Listen to the full episode below – you don’t want to miss out on this one!


In this episode, you’ll hear things like:

  • How to create an experience for your clients to ease stress and create genuine relationships
  • How to learn to step away from the comparison game and make your own path
  • How Cadey moved past her own fears and started charging her worth
  • Cadey rapping to Eminem! Along with a breakdown of her favorite Eminem lyrics and how they relate to life and business


Favorite quotes from Cadey:

  • “I always knew in my heart of hearts growing up and throughout my life that I was not meant to work for someone else. I just felt it.”
  • “It took me a few years to realize what I was doing differently. The winning ticket, if you will.”
  • “When I quit thinking about weddings as a way to pay off my student loans or from the business aspect, and thinking about it from the standpoint of two people starting a family legacy on the day that I was there and making me a part of that day was the big shift for me.”
  • “There is no finish line. You always feel like you’re at the starting blocks when you work for yourself.”
  • “You have to tell yourself: it is enough, I am enough, I’m getting hired, people are happy. Give it a rest.”
  • “I realized I was working for peanuts to build someone else’s dream.”
  • “I’m not saying that working for myself is any barrel of cotton candy, because it’s not, but it’s for me and it’s on my terms, and that’s worth everything to me.”
  • “Wish list: Disney princess powers.”
  • “My goal is to be happier and more content than I was the year before.”


A few questions I ask Cadey:

  • What do you think you do differently to make you stand out in the market?
  • What do you love most about the wedding process, given the fact that at the beginning you said you originally hated weddings. How did this shift from being the person who holds the reflector to someone who loves shooting weddings?
  • What is the most challenging part of this business for you?
  • What did you learn as you transitioned from year to year during growth years?
  • What is something you feel you’ve had to learn over and over in your business and in life?




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