#2 Jamie Gilcrease: How to Make Damn Good Lemonade

June 4, 2018

As if I haven’t already talked about Jamie Gilcrease enough… This woman is incredible.  She runs a successful business, she has created a community where people show up for each other and now she is on a journey to help other women find success pursuing their passions! Listen to her episode now!

A few key takeaways:

  1. Be honest up front, it sets a precedence and allows people to walk away if they are uncomfortable – this can save you some heart burn later.
  2. Don’t try to make anyone believe you.  Just show up, be consistent and people will see your true colors.
  3. Take care of your customers, show them they are valued and wanted and they will come back.
  4. It’s not about making a dollar it’s about finding your niche, doing what is needed by the market and what no one else is doing.
  5. Teach and trust your employees.
  6. If the numbers aren’t working stop.  There is no reason to bang your head on a door that just needs to be opened.
  7. Some people look at lemons as sour, try instead to look at them as opportunities to grow.
  8. When things get hard, talk to someone, share your struggles, be vulnerable and lean on the people around you.

Keep an eye out for the book Jamie is working on: The Mud Through my Eyes: The Journey Back Home to Myself. 


For more on Jamie and her many business ventures:

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