#26 Brit Kolo: Uncover Your Best Marketing Strategy

March 18, 2019

Brit Kolo is the creator and the mastermind behind Marketing Personalities, a company whose tagline is, “you shouldn’t have to feel fake & salesy to grow your business.” What’s rad about Brit is that she helps give permission to ditch every preconceived notion you’ve ever had about selling your product and/or service, and instead base your entire marketing strategy around who you are as a human.

Brit is a deep feeler who loves deep conversation and is a believer in better. Her goal is to make this life awesome for herself and others by being the person she’s meant to be: herself. “You don’t have to be anybody other than yourself and you’re not here to be anybody but yourself.”

Promoting and selling is something I’ve struggled with since quitting my 9-5. This conversation with Brit validates the belief that running and growing a business doesn’t have to feel icky. Instead, marketing your business can serve in the best way possible. Brit shares tips on how to tap into our inner voices, how to remove the noise of the outside world, and how to have faith in your calling. This episode encourages a greater sense of purpose and is an inspiring chat you don’t want to miss! Hear more from Brit in the full episode below!


In this episode, you’ll hear things like:

  • How to uncover your best marketing strategy
  • How to tap into our inner voices
  • How to remove the noise of the outside world
  • How to calm your mind down
  • How to show up in your business in a way that feels good
  • How to blend and balance the mind, body & spirit
  • How to have faith in your calling


Favorite quotes from Brit:

  • “My good, grounded, balanced place is a belief in better.”
  • “You don’t have to be anybody other than yourself and you’re not here to be anybody but yourself.”
  • “When we try to grow this business that is separate from our identity but also kinda weaved into our identity too, it can get really messy if we are trying to be someone that isn’t aligned with who we actually are.”
  • “If you show up in a way that feels good, your audience is going to be attracted to that and your business will grow in a way that feels aligned to you.”
  • “We all have this inner voice and if we’re quiet enough and we want to hear it, we’ll hear it.”
  • “The thing that I’ve had to overcome is myself.”
  • “I’m never going to be able to figure out what the perfect timing is. I’m just going to surrender this and trust that when the perfect timing does arrive, I’ll know it for sure.”
  • “It’s in those moments of trusting the voice, and having faith in the calling, that have at least led me here. And that’s pretty cool.”


A few questions I ask Brit:

  • Who are you in this world?
  • What is your practice for tapping into your inner voice?
  • How do you turn off messaging from society, social media, and other places that don’t matter?
  • When you first started your businesses, what is the thing you’ve had to work the hardest to overcome?
  • When is the first time you can remember making money from something you put into this world?
  • How did you make the leap into entrepreneurship?
  • In the season you’re in right now, what is saving your life right now?


If you know your Myers Briggs personality type, head over to Marketing Personalities to grab your marketing personality full report to uncover your best marketing strategy. If you don’t know your Myers Briggs type, go take the test for free then grab your full report from Brit!

Click here to take the test for free | Click here to grab your full report



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