#27 Embracing Change with Dave Snyder

March 25, 2019

This week’s episode is different from past episodes on the podcast. This is the first episode recorded in front of a live audience.

For those who may not know, I quit my job last August, and in January I opened a co-working space, The Local, in my small town of 6,000 people. To foster this change, I needed quiet. I needed space. I found guidance and comfort at a very special place in the Black Hills. An 80-acre sanctuary created by an unlikely person: “a Nebraska farm kid, who happened to have some extraordinary experiences that allowed him to see a new world of love, compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness.” That person is Dave Snyder.

Dave is the founder and caretaker of Pathways Spiritual Sanctuary, author of The Turkey Shack, and self-proclaimed pig farmer. In this live conversation with Dave, he shares his story in an open and vulnerable way, how he’s learned to embrace change throughout his life, and how he’s using his story to help others reflect on their own journeys. “I don’t feel my life is really about me. There’s a bigger picture playing in all of our lives.”

Whether you’re in the midst of your own change journey, or if you can look back and see the path that’s led you to where you are today, you don’t want to miss this episode. Listen to the full conversation below, and if you’d like to attend events like this one in the future, sign up to be part of The Local email community!


In this episode, you’ll hear things like:

  • Dave opening up about the traumas and changes in his life in a vulnerable way
  • What helped Dave the most during difficult times, and what helped him the least
  • Our natural tendency to resist change
  • The advantage of gaining a greater perspective of our lives
  • How we make decisions based on our worldviews which are formed by our histories
  • How Dave received guidance to create Pathways Spiritual Sanctuary
  • An excerpt from Dave’s book, The Turkey Shack


Favorite quotes from Dave:

  • “That was the ultimate driving factor. I felt that by talking about my journey that hopefully other people as they read the book would reflect on their journey. And that is exactly what’s happened.”
  • “Life is continuous change.”
  • “Our natural mode is to resist change because for one thing we want security, We want to know the sun’s coming up in the east. We’re habitual creatures.”
    “We don’t want the anxiety of not know what the future’s going to be, and so there’s a natural resistance to change.”
  • “The thing that helped the most was knowing I was loved.”
  • “I’ve always felt, since that very first time that I saw it, that I was more of a caretaker and a protector rather than an owner.”
  • “For me, getting into a space where you can be still, that’s when you hear the guidance.”
  • “I don’t feel my life is really about me. There’s a bigger picture playing in all of our lives.”
  • “I’m a firm believer that we create our own reality.”
  • “The empowering part of embracing these changes, the difficult ones especially, is that it’s your journey. You have to go through it.”
  • “There’s peaks in and valleys in all of our lives.”


A few questions I ask Dave:

  • Why did you open a spiritual sanctuary and why did you write the Turkey Shack?
  • Do you think that how we grow up affects how we’re able to embrace change throughout our lives?
  • Have you found that since you opened Pathways, you seek out quiet to find guidance and support?
  • When you’re ready for change, how do you ask for the spiritual guidance for what’s next?
  • How do you look back on moments and see how you embraced change, and how has that benefitted you over time?
  • How did you find the courage to write a book that is so vulnerable?



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