#28 A Holistic Approach to Health, Wellness and Business with Lauren Bongiorno

April 1, 2019

Lauren Bongiorno’s story and essence are so well aligned with how Stand to Serve shifted in Season 2. Lauren and I both had the honor of being part of Amy Jo Martin’s Renegade Brand Bootcamp last fall and spent three months learning and growing together. I grew to appreciate, respect and look up to her and how she’s paving the way for the space she’s stepping into.

Lauren was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, type 1 diabetes, when she was 7 years old. This impacted every area of her life, and as she tried to navigate T1D and learn how her body worked she recognized a major lack of support from the healthcare system. Lauren set out to find a way to be healthy, manage her diabetes and feel balanced and happy in her own body.

Lauren is now an entrepreneur, diabetes health coach, author of the Diabetes Health Journal, and dedicates her time to giving people with diabetes the tools they need to become strong and empowered. In this episode, Lauren and I talk about what events led her to choose the path she’s on now, how she lives a life of mindfulness and self-reflection, and strategies you can implement to approach health, wellness and business in a holistic way. “I think everybody has to look at their lives and reflect on the recurring themes because they’re trying to tell you something.”

This conversation is so good; I dare you not to take notes. Listen now!


In this episode, you’ll hear things like:

  • What changed Lauren’s life and put her on the path of mindfulness and self-reflection
  • How you can reframe thoughts of comparison and affirm yourself
  • How Lauren let go of the idea of perfection
  • How to bring more fun into your business
  • How to shift your perspective and come from a place of purpose instead of a place to feed your ego
  • The activities Lauren recommends to make your heart louder than your ego
  • How Lauren prevents stagnation and fuels her creativity


Favorite quotes from Lauren:

  • “As life would have it, yoga completely changed my life, and it really put me on this path of mindfulness and self-reflection and all the aspects of what ended up making me realize that health and wellness was my passion and that’s the route I wanted to take.”
  • “If we’re constantly always looking to the outside for answers, we’re just looking to fill ourselves with information.”
  • “I think everybody has to look at their lives and reflect on the recurring themes because they’re trying to tell you something.”
  • “Progress isn’t linear.”
  • “The comparison still comes up, but I try to not attach myself to it, not emotionally react to it and rather observe it and get curious about it.”
  • “Choose curiosity over judgment.”
  • “Letting go the idea of perfection, and that there’s no perfect way to do this. And there’s probably not even a right way or a wrong way, there’s just the way you’re going to choose and the choices you’re going to make.”
  • “I’m going to learn a lesson either way.”
  • “How beautiful is that? That I have the flexibility to create and to think in a way that’s abstract, and the sky’s the limit.”
  • “Come from a place of contribution, service, and love, versus acknowledgment or doing this to be seen or heard.”
  • “Make my heart and my truest self louder than my ego.”
  • “Creation and stagnation don’t mix very well.”
  • “Finding joy in the work in a way that’s more aligned with how I create.”
  • “Invest your money and invest your time and it will pay off in the long run.”
  • “Success is when the plan that I have for myself is in alignment with the plan that God or the universe has for me.”


A few questions I ask Lauren:

  • Where did your idea of creating a journal come from?
  • How do you turn off those messages that can be debilitating if you’re playing the comparison game?
  • What have you found that’s helpful to come from a place of purpose instead of coming from a place to feed your ego?
  • Are there ways you’ve incorporated play into your coaching, how you’re showing up on social media?
  • How do you define success right now?
  • How to connect with God or the universe?
  • When you have fear and doubt pop up, how do you deal with that?



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