#30 Thriving in a Small Town with Rebecca Undem

April 15, 2019

Small town living’s great right? It can be slower-paced than city life, you’re not constantly fighting traffic, there’s a lower cost of living, and don’t forget the quirky small-town traditions. But what happens when you move back to your small town after climbing the corporate ladder only to realize readjusting to small-town life isn’t as easy as you thought it’d be?

Meet Rebecca Undem. Moving back to her hometown of Oakes, North Dakota (population 1,800), left her feeling out of place and discouraged. But this transition ultimately led her to leave her safe, comfortable full-time job to pursue a career connecting with other women and encouraging them to live life on their terms.

“We need to know who we are and what really matters because it drives all of our decision making.”

Rebecca is now a professional speaker, author of How Mommy Got Her Groove Back and is on a mission to empower women in rural communities across the country. She’s gifted at talking about topics that aren’t often discussed in society and is sharing her gift every week on the Small Town Big Talk Show. Rebecca has an incredible story and so much wisdom to share. Tune in now!


In this episode, you’ll hear things like:

  • How to use your story to empower and encourage
  • How to pursue a life of freedom over security
  • How to identify triggers that lead you to show up as less than your best self
  • How you can practice mindfulness in your day-to-day life
  • How to identify your core desired feelings


Favorite quotes from Rebecca:

  • “What I came to discover about myself was that I was tying way too much of my identity to the amount of money I was bringing home.”
  • “Ultimately, freedom actually means more to me than security.”
  • “We need to know who we are and what really matters because it drives all of our decision making.”
  • “We will burn ourselves out and we will shut down our dreams really quickly if we think that there is some clear prescribed path that you can take to figure this stuff out.”
  • “Get back to who I really am.”


A few questions I ask Rebecca:

  • Who are you in this world?
  • How did you find clarity and what tools did you use to uncover what meant more to you and how you wanted to define yourself?
  • How did you decide you were ready to share your story?
  • How do you navigate uncertainty?
  • How do you practice mindfulness?
  • What is saving your life right now?


Download Rebecca’s Small-Town Survival Kit here


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