#32 Creating a Boutique Experience with Amanda Goetz

April 29, 2019

You know the feeling you get when you walk into an Anthropologie? Everything is curated from the smells and the eclectic aesthetic to the collection of goods and how their products feel. In the same way, Freckled Fox, a boutique in Spearfish, South Dakota, appeals to all of the senses. The vibe and atmosphere is dangerous; you’ll want to buy ALL the things.

In this episode, I interview Amanda Goetz, co-creator of Freckled Fox, a boutique I’ve been ooohing and ahhing over since it opened in 2017. Amanda and her mom, Beth, run the shop together, although it’s been a family affair from day one. From thrifting for vintage one-of-a-kind items to rummaging for pieces to repurpose, the Goetz family has cultivated a place where you feel the love and warmth that went into creating it.

You’ll hear the story of how Freckled Fox came to be, how you can spread positivity each and every day, how to stand out as unique in the marketplace, some of the challenges Amanda faces a business owner and tools you can use to turn down the digital noise. Amanda is a storyteller, is open to new opportunities, and I can’t for you to hear more from her. Tune in now!

In this episode, you’ll hear things like:

  • How Amanda opened a cozy, eclectic boutique
  • How you can spread positivity each and every day
  • How to stand out as unique in the marketplace
  • Some of the challenges Amanda faces a business owner
  • Tools you can use to turn down the digital noise


Favorite quotes from Amanda:

  • “Spread good karma. I put it out there that that’s what I wanted. I cultivated it in my mind.”
  • “Of course it’s the right time.”
  • “It’s okay to say no.”
  • “I’ve learned to hit the unfollow button more than I hit follow.”
  • “What can I offer that’s unique? What can I give people that will resonate?”
  • “Sometimes you have to try something kind of wild-haired to be like, ‘that worked’ or ‘it didn’t’.”


A few questions I ask Amanda:

  • How do you spread positivity on a daily basis?
  • What was your favorite part of starting your boutique?
  • How have you learned to stay true to yourself amongst the digital noise?
  • When do you feel most creative?
  • What is sparking your creative energy right now?
  • Do you have any dreams for the future for Freckled Fox?



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