#33 Passive Income for the Creative Entrepreneur with Maddie Peschong

May 6, 2019

I’ve met a lot of amazing people through social media, specifically Instagram. Some of my very best friendships started with a DM on this app. My friendship with Maddie Peschong is no different. I was drawn to Maddie by how she shows up online; her IG stories are some of my favorites because she shares who she really is.

So who is Maddie Peschong?

Maddie is a photographer based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a passionate learner, a wife, a mom, and an educator. After working in the digital media and marketing space and side hustling for eight years, she realized she was burning the candle at both ends and felt the pull to take her photography full time. On July 1st of last year, Maddie went full time with her photography business, and since then she’s created additional passive income streams as a creative to be able to be paid without having to be away from her family.

In this episode, you’ll hear how Maddie has learned to turn up her own inner voice and turn down the voices of others, how she’s learned to redefine success for herself, how to start small, and how she’s used out of the box thinking to create passive income in her business. Maddie’s an amazing human who shares her story just as well on the podcast as she does on Instagram; I can’t wait for you to tune in!


In this episode, you’ll hear things like:

  • How to turn up your own inner voice and turn down the voices of others
  • How to redefine success
  • How to start small
  • How to use out of the box thinking to create passive income in your business


Favorite quotes from Maddie:

  • “I have had to get very particular about the people that I ask for that feedback.”
  • “It was really hard for me to get my head around, ‘Can I still have success if I’m doing it so differently than these people that I love and respect the most in the world?’”
  • “I felt the need to have systems in place so I could be getting paid without having to be away from my family.”
  • “It has been so cool and exciting to connect with people who the presets are helping!”
  • “Start small.”
  • “You’re gonna look back in 6 months and go, ‘Oh my gosh I am so glad I did not listen to that dang voice because look at everything that’s come out of it.’”
  • “What is step one? What’s the FIRST thing I have to do?”
  • “The connections you’re able to make, and the people you’re able to meet, even if it’s in a cyber way instead of real life, it’s really incredible.”


A few questions I ask Maddie:

  • How have you learned to turn down external feedback?
  • What is your definition of success and what’s helped it evolve over time?
  • How do you continue to think outside the box?
  • What is something you’ve found yourself learning over and over in your business?
  • What are you working on now that you’re excited about?



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