#6 Jessica Simons: How to Embrace Your Success as it Evolves Over Time

June 25, 2018

Jessica Simons has always been a creative soul and loved to paint and draw starting at a young age. She had a love for paper, even had a paper closet in her home, and had a dream of owning a stationery store. She started her entrepreneurial journey by setting up a kool-aid stand in her neighborhood but snagged her first real job as a photographer’s assistant where she held the reflector and learned to find the best light.

Jessica majored in graphic design and fell into photography by starting to take photos for friends and family. She shot her first wedding in 2008 and dove into wedding photography because of her passion for couples and marriage. After starting a family, she decided to shift her focus from photographing weddings to photographing families. Jessica’s journey is teaching her lessons in learning to embrace where she is in her business, to trust her intuition, and to pursue the version of success that ultimately fuels her soul.

This conversation is raw, real and full of nuggets that can only come from a foggy morning chat over coffee. Jessica is relatable and full of wisdom – you don’t want to miss this one!

Key takeaways:

  • “The definition of success is constantly moving and you have to be okay with where you’re at.”
  • “Just because my business is smaller, doesn’t mean I have to feel small about it.”
  • “Success for me is at home right now.”
  • Is your success fueling your soul or your ego? WHY does something excite you?
  • Motherhood is an identity shift. Even without all of the recognition you received from your career, your kids’ need for you is real.
  • Jessica’s best advice for a small business owner: “Listen to your gut, because it’s usually right.” Give your gut a little more of a voice.
  • Listening to your intuition can be hard with all of the outside noise. It’s easy to get caught up in the comparison game or doing what you think everyone thinks you should be doing.
  • Don’t follow your logic, because if you follow your logic you can talk yourself out of anything or you can convince yourself into anything.
  • Price yourself to where you want your business to be. Think about what you want your business to grow into, and work towards that instead of just working to work.
  • Your pricing will evolve as you evolve in your career.
  • Do the best you can right now, and focus what’s right in front of you instead of searching outward.

photo credit: Jessica Simons Photography

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