#8 Nick and Kaylee: How to Use Creative Freedom to Fuel your Dreams

July 9, 2018

Nick Hubbard and Kaylee Kalmbach are photographers and videographers based out of the Black Hills of South Dakota, who are bringing their passion, creativity, and dreams to this world! Nick and Kaylee have been dating a year and a half and their story began on Instagram, believe it or not! They became best friends after Nick reached out to Kaylee on the gram, and they started dating after a trip together to Minneapolis.

They’re both full-time students at Black Hills State University, and decided to start a business together after Nick left his job at a hardware store and Kaylee left her job at a coffee shop. Over the course of their last year in business, they’ve found their unique style and consistently serve their clients with authenticity and a high-touch client experience. “A lot of people can take really good photos, but it means a lot more to the client when they look at it and can say ‘this is me, not them.’”

In this episode, you’ll hear how Nick and Kaylee got started in photography, their biggest challenges in running a successful business, how they create balance working and living together, and how YOU can stay inspired when consuming from others on social media.

What’s next for Nick and Kaylee? You’ll have to listen to find out! There are so many gems in this episode — you don’t want to miss it!

Here’s a glance at some awesome gems you’ll hear on Nick and Kaylee’s episode!

  • “That’s just taking the leap, creative freedom, in general, is what we wanted. To be able to do what we wanted to do and make a living out of it. We didn’t have a specific project in mind that we were like this is it, we wanted to be creative and see who we could connect with and what we could do with it.”
  • How Nick and Kaylee consistently improve and grow, personally and professionally
  • How Nick and Kaylee use self-discipline to counter the freedom that comes with their job
  • Their struggles with having confidence in their business and underpricing themselves
  • Nick and Kaylee’s first experiences with entrepreneurship
  • How Nick and Kaylee show their clients’ personalities in their photos
  • How Nick and Kaylee have found a balance between their personal relationship and their business
  • Their take on time management, collaborating with other creatives, and learning how and when to say no
  • Their best pieces of advice to someone starting a new business — listen here!

Photo credits: Hubbard Visuals

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